Refugee Rights Data Project - Sunday 23 October

Hey all. Hope the weekend treats you well.

Tonight marks a rather special night as we head on down to the Cavendish Arms and show our support for The Refugee Rights Data Project.

This fantastic non-profit hopes to gather data on the numbers of refugees displaced across Europe in order to provide insight and aid towards the growing catastrophe affecting thousands.

All proceeds made from the show will go towards supporting their painstaking and (sadly) necessary work with hopes that no one gets lost and forgotten in the woodwork.

It would mean the world if you can make it down with us and help our voices heard that little bit clearer. Doors open from 6.30.

If not, please donate what you can to the cause.

This is made all the more poignant following the news that the camps are to be evicted (most likely with force) on Monday.

Our thoughts are with the people's of Calais.

H x


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