A Little Catch-up

(Ketchup? Catsup!)

Niche Simpsons jokes aside, hello everyone.

Tired of always hearing from Harry? Me too, he smells. Well it's your lucky day, avid blog readers, because for once, the man at the helm of this literary juggernaut is not Harry, but Max. You lucky old luckies. Sorry for the radio silence of late. We've had a busy few months; we've been up to our ears in musical goodness and it's been excellent. However, as a result, our communications have fallen by the wayside a little, for which we are deeply sorry. Here's a little run-down of what's been happening lately. Gigs!

We had a blast at the Finborough Arms (marred by untimely American Political events though it was) in November, and again at The Islington in December. Played alongside some excellent bands and enjoyed the London scene as always. Then, Harry went acoustic for not one, but TWO highly intimate shows. First came the launch/Christmas celebration for recently-founded, highly-acclaimed organisation Too Good To Go, whose app and campaign to reduce food waste in the UK have exploded since their conception in late 2015. Harry had a great time and you can get a taste of his commanding performance here.

The second such intimate show was the launch gig of "What's Left For Larry and Janet?", the new EP from long-time friends and conspirators, Elephants and Castles. Again, a top evening was had by all, and their EP is a tremendous record that can be found on all the usual music outlets. You can read the glowing review from The Zine UK here.

New tracks!

They are real. They are coming. They are JUICY. We've recorded and mixed TWO new tracks over the past month, and after mastering last weekend we can confirm that they are absolute top-notch belters. Not to blow our own trumpets, but they may be the best two songs ever recorded. We've got a lot more to do before they're ready for human consumption (we want them to be perfect for you) but we'll have to get them out soon before I wee myself with excitement. Stay tuned. Good things come to those who wait. Other news!

Hard though it is to picture, mega-stars like us have personal lives too. Harry and Aidan have been gymming hard, and are looking mighty fine (Aidan no longer fits into his shirts). Charlie has been largely off-grid, revising feverishly for his money exams, leading to unbelievable scenes on the band Whatsapp. I ran 24km through Epping forest from 10pm to 5am, in the pouring rain, looking for camouflaged checkpoints.

In conclusion, we are still healthy, happy, and dedicated to bringing you the best tunes since the invention of the throat lozenge. Lots of love, Max


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