Silence is golden. Unless you're a regular Newsletter subscriber. Then silence is shite.

Sorry for going quiet, it's not that we don't care. We really do. It's just the Six Nations has started and I've been busy trying not to cry watching the boys in white win another Grand Slam.

Bear with us though, we promise to make things better and work our way back into your hearts.


The tracks are finished. Actually bloody finished.

There's still some work to do before we get them out to the wider world, but don't worry, you'll be the first to know about it. Til then, head over to Soundcloud and listen to the Discography playlist. It contains all our previous tracks in a nice little bundle of snackable content.


We're supporting April (the band, not the month) on 25th March at one of our regular haunts - The Pack and Carriage. It's free entry and the beer is delicious. Hope you can come down in full force.


No, I'm not talking about Valentines Day, or as I like to call it - "National drink a bottle of wine in the bath without any water" Day. I'm talking about something one thousand times better.

Our boy Max is getting hitched! Love is real!

Seriously, all of us in the Bengal Lancers family couldn't be happier. What a fantastic start to 2017. We wish him and Beth all the best for their future.

I'm especially excited to plan the stag. Max says I'm not allowed to do it, but who says that we can't have a second one? The groom has no say in these matters and I look forward to breaking him both physically and emotionally before, of course, rebuilding him into the picture of perfection that we all know and love.

Damn you and your chiseled jaw!


I'd like to finish this mailing list by showcasing some of the snaps that our friend and colleague, Dan Court has done for us over the years. We highly recommend that you check out his work - It's beautiful and exceptionally poignant at times. We wouldn't look half as sexy and cool without him:

See you soon.

H. x


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