Age is just a number

27. Bloody hell. That crept up fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was 26 - budumtisssssh.

In fairness, at least I'm not Charlie. That kid's a year younger than me! Wait...

How are you? Keeping well I hope. Sorry for the radio silence, we promise we haven't forgotten you and we hope you haven't forgotten us. I'm also sorry that I haven't kept up the blog, but I've been busy living my best life, and by that I mean making terrible life choices and not learning from my previous mistakes. You know, the usual.

Anyway, I promise that is the last sorry you'll here in this post.


Right - on with the news!

Somebody's getting maaaaarrrrried

That's right - it's finally happening. Our beautiful boy with the beats is getting hitched. We had the stag a couple of weeks ago: It was a pretty staple affair - we laughed, we cried, Charlie threw up. Simple, happier times.

The big day is coming and all of us at BL HQ can't wait to celebrate in style with the happy couple. Wherever you are, we hope you raise a glass with us.

To Max and Beth!

Camden Assembly - 7th June

We had to take a little break what with Charlie studying and all things operation: wedding

but we'll be heading to the studio in May and then following that we'll be heading to YOU when we headline the Camden Assembly on 7th June thanks to the good people at Scruff of the Neck.

Tickets are on sale here and we're hoping to get as loose as we did at the Old Blue Last. See you there:

Merch, Merch, Merch

A massive thank you to everyone who picked up a tee/sweatshirt/vest in celebration of the Eclipse launch. The response has been absolutely incredible and we've been inundated with requests for more. The long and short is: yes, we'll sort it. Come down on 7th June and we're sure you'll be happy. Here are some snaps of happy customers:

From The Tiger's Mouth

That's right - FTTM is coming back in a big way. I've missed picking up the acoustic and it's kinda grown into something more. More on the way soon - just watch this space.

That's all folks, take care and I promise I'll speak soon.

H x


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