"Ouch..." and other short stories

Hi all, long time since we last had a catch up isn't it? Hope you've been keeping well and haven't done anything stupid, like losing a limb. Because, who would be silly enough to hurt themselves that much?

Oh yes. Me.

Now, don't worry - I haven't done anything too bad. Well, at least not recently. Last year I decided to take up Rugby alongside keyboardist/synth extraordinaire Aidan (also known for his work in Bengal Lancers).

Now Rugby is a notoriously physical game and as was commented several times, I've never been the largest of chaps. I'll use this recent press shot as an example:

"anyone got a yellow-pages going?"

Nevertheless I cracked on, and you know what...I bloody loved it! I started getting ahead of myself during pre-season. 27 isn't too late to get a call-up to the England squad, surely?

Well before I could get my chest measured into a new blazer, I decided to let others have a chance by getting myself injured. In the first game of the season.

Because I never want to do things by halves I decided to tear my ACL completely.

I pride myself on the fact I managed a solid 60+ minute performance last season. (something Aidan will argue is a major overestimate).

Due to a long list of obligations (why on earth is everyone getting married!?), I had to hold out till two weeks ago where I was finally put under the knife.

Long and short of it, surgery was a complete success and despite going completely insane from being housebound, I'm getting there.

To your right you'll see a rather fetching snap of me completely off my rocker. I would include a photo of the post-surgery tights I've had to keep on, but no one wants to see that.

Anyway, I'm taking it relatively easy until the new year but thank you so much for all the support so far. It means the world!

As a result that means we're going to be taking a little break in terms of gigs. Despite numerous Emails Dave Grohl doesn't seem to want to lend the guitar throne, so we'll just have to wait till I'm back on my feet.

But that doesn't mean we're going off the radar. In fact we're hoping to finish the year on a high with the release of our new single BIG IDEAS:

I feel the sentiment of the song is pretty relevant given the circumstances. Enjoy! x


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