You can now listen to our new single Birds everywhere.

Out of all the songs we've recorded, this is probably the one I'm proudest of. It's a song about checking in on one another, which seems all the more relevant given the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.

We recorded most of this song at the start of 2020 in the comfort of our "Home from Home", The Crows Nest Studios, with the wonderful Olly Betts. That was until Covid-19 made us all retreat to our very literal homes. Thank you Olz for keeping a steer of things, pulling the pieces together to produce the track you are (hopefully) listening to.

A massive thank you to Neil Pickles, who similarly managed to carry his entire studio home to master us and make us sound bigger than ever.

As always, thanks to 5th Lancer, Joey Gurdon - who has managed to beautifully tie together the four parts of this little musical chapter in our lives. Here's to the next one.

Thank You for all of the support over what has quite simply been one of the most bizarre years in living memory. For tuning into poorly planned acoustic sets via terrible internet connections, for reading my absolute ramblings when I finally managed to type at a keyboard and for anytime you had a dance to our music in your kitchen after a few too many glasses of rouge.

Finally, thank you to Scott. This song is for you.

H x


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