I'll Keep Running On.

Alright Family. How have you been keeping? Sorry for the radio silence. Where were we when we last spoke? Oh yes, I'd had a minor incident involving 10 minutes of rugby and a redistributed kneecap. I believe this was the state you last saw me in:

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Safe to say I was a bit worse for wear when last we spoke and after a week of not being allowed to shower, considerably stinkier.

I am, however, pleased to announce that not only have I bathed, but I'm quite literally back up and running! I would offer the excuse that the reason I haven't written on here much is because I spent the past 7 months on a bike, but that would only be about 90% true.

Jokes-aside, last Christmas was a tough bastard and I had to take it easy for a while, which wasn't very fun - when a trip to your local Sainsbury's for a chocolate bar takes 45 minutes you'll get what I mean.

But thanks to the expert work of the Surgeon who glued me back together again and rehabilitation (gruelling punishment) provided from Amy at Mint-Wellbeing (#legend) I've made it through to the other-side stronger than ever.

That's not to say it's just been a right knees-up (Oi Oi!) this whole time:

Aidan has been busy fretting away at his PhD. At some point soon, he will be Dr. Keyboard Player which will bring a far greater level of sophistication and help us break the well sought after senior academia scene.

Max has started a new job building pipes to allow humans to fly across cities at insanely quick speeds in hopes of solving the population crisis* and most importantly, our handsomest bass player, Charles has gotten Engaged. As you can imagine we all got a bit excited (Read here.)

Life is very much happening at an unprecedented and wonderful pace.

Yet, despite all this Life going on, we've still found to do this thing we love called Bengal Lancers.

I'll be completely honest, sometimes it's been harder than I'd like to admit. We're all very much "Adults" now, whatever that means now and that brings a wealth of challenges and opportunities. Sometimes, and it's very hard to write this out loud, I've wondered why on earth we're doing this at all.

But then we play a gigs and we see You. Cliche as it may seem, you wonderful so-and-so's reading this have helped more this year than you can realise.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the four of us will ever stop making music together. Personally, it keeps me sane and I'm sure the lads would agree on that point!

But, when we're having a bad day or struggling to see the bigger picture, it's the chats after shows with our friends and family that help put things into perspective.

So, to you reading this all I can say is thank you for helping us keep running on! In fact, unless it's too soon I think I should say it: I Love You.

Shall I get a key cut?


*Disclaimer: Some of this statement has been fabricated. This has nothing to do with me being a bad friend and not fully understanding what Max's job is.


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