They hate us cus' they hi-aint-us

This just in - we're receiving reports that Bengal Lancers have gone on forced-Hiatus after keyboardist & professional hand model, Aidan Wickham, has gone to find himself.

That would have potentially been the reaction had we actually gone on hiatus last year and if anyone asides from our Mums and you wonderful rascals listened to our music, but sadly for you and the rest of the world we're still here and we're not going anywhere soon.

I mean some of the above is true, Aidan did indeed go and find himself for a couple of months, backpacking and taking some well deserved time out after becoming a Doctor. He also has lovely hands. But like the Lord and Saviour he has returned - with a bit of a tan, an unhealthy obsession with Singha Beer and a thirst for other things. A thirst for The Bangerz.

I'm so sorry for writing that.

Anyway, the great news is the rest of us didn't sit on our thumbs and get hammered worrying that we'd never gig again. Well that's about 2/3s true.*

The little break proved fruitful (and needed - 2019 was fucking exhausting) and we're now back on the horse, dusting off the cobwebs and doing all the other things you do when you start making music again with three of your best friends. We're currently in the studio making the finishing touches to some of these tracks so you'll be hearing them very soon. I promise.

We've done a lot of growing up over the past couple of years and I think you'll hear that in these tracks. We have Charlie playing Trombone in some of them for a start. There's a sentence I bet you never thought I'd write. I definitely didn't.

Whatsapp web has done wonders for band conferences. A world without borders

And finally, as it was the start of 2020, it wouldn't be right if I hadn't made a couple of resolutions to eventually fail in spectacular fashion. The first is writing on here often - to be completely honest, I've missed it. I let life get in the way, but I've decided to take a bit more control of the bastard and fingers crossed that means you'll get more of these ramblings as a result.

Secondly, I'm digging my acoustic out and heading to play some open mic nights - at least once a month to air some of the new material. I'll stick dates up on here for any shows so come down, have a beer and tell me if the direction we're heading is shite.

Right, that's your lot for now. Keep the change ya filthy animals!

H x

*in my defence it was Christmas and the hangovers were so bad I was terrified bits of me would fall off.


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